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Ben Brubaker-Zehr | October 18, 2018

Teal Software is now

We are very excited to announce a new chapter for our team. Over the last 8 months, we’ve worked diligently to spin Teal, an internal tool, into a market facing strategic alignment platform called Meddo.

The vision for meddo started at Miovision Technologies, a smart cities company located in Kitchener Ontario. Miovision, growing rapidly, was searching for a way to scale the scrappy startup culture that had helped it succeed in the first place. The leadership team, led by Kurtis McBride, the CEO, explored what motivated people to do their best work and realized that the traditional, 20th-century management paradigms weren’t going to work. So, Kurtis, alongside his leadership team began to envision innovative options that would enable them to scale the organization while maintaining an agile structure and an open culture.

An idea surfaced for an internal tool capable of breaking down silos, pushing context, and aligning the objectives of the business with the skills and passions of people. After finding nothing suitable from a vendor, Miovision began to build a solution internally. About a year ago, the first release of Teal launched successfully into Miovision. Soon after the initial launch, McBride started to receive requests from peers to use the software.

In February of this year, the project was officially spun out and work preparing the solution for a broad audience began. Teal, based on a Miovision’s specific use case needed to be modified to create greater flexibility. We felt strongly that the design changes and the spin-out warranted a name change. We called it meddo, a phonetic reference to a “meadow” - symbolizing a clearing, or flat area, where people can gather and see clearly. An apt image for a platform that helps to align organizations through centralized transparency.

Later this fall we will launch a closed beta version of Meddo with a general launch set for early 2019. The first software of its kind, meddo will empower innovative companies like Miovision to maintain open, agile structures as they scale into next-generation enterprises.

We are excited for the journey ahead of us and thank Miovision for the continued commitment to building an excellent organization and for enabling the development of a platform that will help others to do the same.

Ben Brubaker-Zehr | Co-Founder

Kurtis McBride | Co-Founder
CEO, Miovision